Chase Claypool Still Engaged in Practice Despite Injury

August 25, 2023

Athlete Studio

Chase Claypool has been faced with several injuries during his time with the Bears making it tricky for him to find his stride, however, Coach Matt Eberflus recently came out saying Claypool will be ready to play in week 1 against the Green Bay Packers on September 10th. 

At the outset of training camp, Claypool was placed on the active/PUP list. Unfortunately, on August 9th, he sustained a hamstring injury which has kept him off the field since then. Throughout his time with the Bears, Claypool has had to overcome a few challenging injuries. However, once he regains his health, he is anticipated to take on the role of Chicago's slot receiver, positioned between the outside receivers DJ Moore and Darnell Mooney.

Darnell Mooney, another talented receiver for the Bears was recently asked about Claypool's current situation and he cleared things up for those with any concerns. Mooney told reporters that Claypool has still been highly engaged in practice, staying vocal and studying each play as if he were still in the game.

"Whenever he gets back he'll be ready for sure... we can just throw him in there." He told reporters when asked how Claypools transition back on to the field will go. "He'll be back and be healthy for sure."

Claypool has made it clear he's ready to get back out on the field, put his head down and do whatever he needs to do to bring the Bears to the playoffs, 

“For me, obviously, it’s my contract year, but it’s a year where I have to prove all my supporters right and all my doubters wrong,” Claypool said in the behind-the-scenes video leading up to the start of training camp. “But more important than that, we need to make the playoffs and we need to win the division, so I’ve got big goals for this year.”

Despite facing challenges during his time with the Bears, Claypool's determination to recuperate and make a strong comeback is more resolute than ever. Keep an eye out for a standout performance from him this year.

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