Chase Claypool Receives High Praise from New OC

June 08, 2023

Athlete Studio

Last year, Ryan Poles made an unexpected move by trading a 2nd round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers for wide receiver Chase Claypool. The intention behind this decision was to bolster the Chicago Bears' receiving corps and provide support for Justin Fields. Unfortunately, things didn't go as well as planned. Just as Claypool began finding his rhythm, he suffered a knee injury. Moreover, Fields himself got injured upon Claypool's return, hindering the development of their chemistry on the field. Consequently, some Bears fans have labeled the trade as a disappointment.

However, offensive coordinator Luke Getsy believes that such criticism is unjustified, touting Claypool’s immense potential. Claypool found himself in a challenging situation, joining an offense in its first year of implementation, alongside Fields, a young quarterback who was still acclimating to the NFL. Additionally, Getsy himself was new to his role. Given these circumstances of the Bear’s complicated and changing dynamic, expecting Claypool to immediately excel was unrealistic.

Nevertheless, the situation appears to have changed. Fields has praised Claypool's significant progress since the end of the previous season, noting his improved sharpness and motivation. Getsy corroborated these remarks during his press conference, suggesting that Claypool has shown positive signs. To aid Fields' development as a quarterback, it's crucial to involve all of his targets, including Claypool. While D.J. Moore receives considerable attention, Getsy recognizes the need to draw up plays for Claypool as well. Keeping him engaged by getting him involved will harness his motivated mindset, resulting in impactful plays.

Being the competitor that Claypool is, he expressed frustration at times when the offense struggled last season. Fields made a point to address those concerns with him. It seems that Claypool has embraced the locker room culture and is taking inspiration from his quarterback. He has redoubled his efforts to maximize his potential as a player. The fact that his contract is expiring after this season likely adds a sense of urgency to his performance. Luke Getsy appreciates this level of dedication, as it ensures Claypool's best effort and focus. If Claypool bounces back this season, the Bears would be pleased to reward him with a new contract, ultimately benefiting their long-term quarterback aspirations.

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