Chase Claypool Attends NFL UK Flag Football National Championship

July 18, 2023

Athlete Studio

Chase Claypool, an exceptional receiver for the Bears, recently embarked on a remarkable journey to London. His mission? To attend the highly anticipated NFL UK Flag Football National Championships on June 28th and present the winning teams with their well-deserved trophies.

This year, the NFL celebrated its largest ever national finals, which featured an exciting addition - the first-ever secondary school finals. The primary schools event saw 12 talented teams qualify for the championships, while eight secondary school teams also secured their spot on the grand stage.

Representing the Bears at this prestigious event were the primary schools Angram Bank and Ysgol Gwynedd, along with the secondary school Rawlett. Although Angram Bank made it to the semifinals and Ysgol Gwynedd advanced to the quarterfinals, both teams fell short against the eventual winners, Lings. Rawlett, on the other hand, finished fifth overall after a challenging group stage, with a record of 1-2.

The highlight of the championships was undoubtedly the thrilling clash between Lings Primary School and Windlesham House in the final game. In a commanding display, Lings emerged as the victors with a resounding 20-0 triumph. Meanwhile, in the inaugural UK secondary school championship, St Ivo secured the title by defeating Warden Park with a convincing 22-6 victory.

The grand tournament, held at London's iconic Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, marked the culmination of a nine-week journey for 192 schools, 1,920 children aged 10-13, and 384 dedicated coaches across the UK. The remarkable scale of this event truly showcased the immense growth and popularity of flag football in the country.

As a Global Flag Football Ambassador, Chase Claypool devoted his day at the Spurs Stadium to inspire and support the young participants. He eagerly signed autographs, took pictures, and provided encouragement to the aspiring athletes. Furthermore, Claypool had the honor of presenting the well-deserved awards to the deserving winners, leaving an indelible impact on their lives.

Chase Claypool's passion for flag football is deeply rooted in his personal experiences growing up in British Columbia, Canada. In a time when opportunities to learn American football were limited, Claypool found solace in joining a flag football team. This experience quickly became a cherished bonding moment for him, his family, and friends.

Reflecting on those early days, Claypool fondly recalls, "I was playing flag football and my brothers ended up coaching some of the games and drawing up some plays. That summer, I had so much fun with my friends that I wanted to do this as much as I could. There was never one specific moment; the entire time I played flag football, I had an absolute blast."

Chase Claypool was not alone in his support for the championship games. Joining him were esteemed athletes such as Efe Obada, the defensive end for the Commanders, David Ojabo, the Ravens linebacker, and Phoebe Schecter, a prominent player for Team GB NFL Flag.

Both the NFL and the Bears have been at the forefront of expanding American football and flag football into international markets. In a groundbreaking move, the Bears partnered with the Jets to launch the first-ever UK NFL Girls Flag League in March. Claypool proudly represented the Bears at the launch event in Ealing, London, on March 8th, where he shared his international involvement in the sport on a panel with other players from the new league.

In addition to his support for the national championships, Chase Claypool also accompanied the Bears at their London Mini Monsters clinics on June 27th and 28th. Gus Silva, the Bears' manager of youth football and community programs, led the second annual Mini Monsters trip to the UK and was thrilled to witness Claypool's infectious energy and enthusiasm at all the events in London.

Chase Claypool's journey in British flag football serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes around the world. His dedication and passion for the sport, coupled with his unwavering support for young players, have left an indelible mark on the flag football community. As Chase Claypool continues to make waves on the football field.

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